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Men Therapy Session


About Lifespan Integration Therapy

"I would spend the whole day in bed because of depression. Now I can get up and enjoy the day. I no longer hold all the sadness in my heart." B.

"I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for many years. After trying Lifespan Integration therapy I have not had chest pain and I am more relaxed. My husband has noticed a difference in me." A.

"I have been in CBT, EMDR, Exposure Therapy and Group Peer Support but nothing seemed to work for me. I did a little research and found Lifespan Integration Therapy. After a few sessions with Linda I have noticed my quality of life has gone up, my wife and kids see a change and I'm driving like a normal person." Military Veteran

"I was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. I tried Lifespan Integration and after a few sessions I feel a lot better. I feel more comfortable around people and speaking to others." D.

"Since coming to Lifespan Integration Therapy with Linda I am sleeping much better and I have begun to grieve the loss of my father." M.

"After being in a horrific car accident I had trouble driving. I was so fearful but thanks to Lifespan Integration therapy I am completely relaxed driving my car." J.

"Things started changing in my life when I came to therapy. The counseling and prayer with Linda changed my life." J.

"I am proud of myself that I got help. I am more optimistic about life and my future." B.

"This is the most I've felt like myself in a long time. I have a lot of energy and joy." K.