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Men Therapy Session

Lifespan Integration Therapy


Lifespan Integration is a cutting edge therapy developed by Peggy Pace in 2003.  Lifespan Integration has many functions, all of which serve to heal the entire body-mind system. Here are the reasons why Lifespan Integration works. Long after trauma is over, we hold within our minds and bodies the thoughts, emotions and fears that wound us. Lifespan Integration heals pain and suffering by using a healing timeline that integrates the painful memory which was not fully processed.


The timeline component clears the emotional distress that clients are holding in their minds and bodies and works to create change in the brain which results in new thinking and behavior. The most noticeable use of Lifespan Integration can be seen in the clearing of past or recent trauma. Adults who were abused in childhood have found relief in a few sessions and reported they felt better about life and were better able to handle their intimate relationships. Please go to www.lifespanintegration.com to learn more.